The mission of the Women Against Human-Trafficking in Philadelphia (#WAHTPhilly) is to offer women a safe space to learn how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of inner city crime. We provide in-person and on-line trainings that focus on effective self-defense strategies, empowerment seminars, and wellness solutions.

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 Our activities provide a safe space where people are invited to spread the word about current abductions and join the conversation about Human Trafficking. WAHT offers well-being forums, workshops, and defense training, partnering with our affiliates who offer a variety of services. In addition, we offer public relations crisis management and marketing. If you know of a person who has been kidnapped into the "LIFE" please feel free to share with us.

When a person goes missing you should contact your local police, contact the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline by calling 1-888-373-7888 (TTY:711), by texting “BeFree” (233733), via live chat or email. Services are available toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note, that contacting your local police is "not" enough, you must contact the national hotline so that the information is logged into the national database. For example, Philadelphia, PA has a Homeland Security Human Trafficking Unit with trained officers.  If you call the local police for an H.T. issue make sure you ask to speak with an officer that is trained in human trafficking, as it can make a difference in the results obtained.

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Disclaimer: Women Against Human Trafficking discourages anyone that attends or participates in our events to engage with attendees, speakers, or guests without first vetting them appropriately on your own to determine what risks are to be further mitigated. Any donations or exchanges of monies that you as an individual decide to engage in are at your own risk and are not the responsibility of Women Against Human Trafficking, Inc unless expressly stated in writing to you from the President of the organization.


We have your back in a variety of ways...

Women's Healing Event.
How To Break Away From Your Abusive Identity
Date to be Determine.

The 2024 Women's Healing Event will be held in Philadelphia, PA in a very comfortable Yoga center environment. The 2-3 hour event will consist of a number of topics, meditation, as well as demonstrated modalities designed to help women support where they are in their healing journey and/or help females discover who they really are.

How To Break Away From Your Abusive Identity will be one of the main topics to drill down into as it will allow participants to identify and understand their choices, and be brave enough to change behaviors that work against them.

Click here to get on the mailing list to attend this event.

If the link is not working, the email address is [email protected]

To read the Women Against Human Trafficking Response to P Diddy's abuse against Cassie Ventura, visit our Blog page or click here.

A nominal fee of $20 will be charged to attend this event.


Self-Defense Trainings for Women - Get on the list for Class #2 in 2023

Self Defense Classes Designed to Protect Women from Violence in Today's World.

Women Against Human Trafficking, Inc. has partnered with the University of Penn Medical Center - Princeton to provide participants with the self-defense skills necessary to protect themselves in case of potential danger. This training is one of the best trainings in the area which includes a variety of techniques that ALL females should learn. Share this event with your tribe so that we can reach and teach as many women as possible in the Philadelphia metro area. The fee TBD but is subsidized by a grant. FYI: You must attend all 6 training events beginning with the first. 


Social Impact and Entertainment Event - Human Trafficking and Gun Violence in Philadelphia, PA August 26, 2023 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Price Wharton (Mr. P), a well-known community activist in the West Philadelphia area is concerned about the amount of human trafficking and gun violence incidents that have occurred in Philadelphia. Throughout recent years, Mr. P has seen a number of egregious activity on the streets of Philly and feels compelled to address the issue by bringing music, entertainment, and education together at the same event. “Many people see it, but they don't want to acknowledge that they see it,” says Bev Chandran Founder of Women Against Human Trafficking. “But in reality, we can't afford to keep looking the other way when it comes to the most vulnerable of our community; women and children whether it be trafficking or gun violence.” Mr. P noted that “each of us has the capacity to do something about these social ills within our own means,” which has sparked a fire in him to take action and initiate the first of many events designed to bring entertainment and social issues together. In this spirit, on Saturday, August 26th from 3:00pm - 7:00pm 2023 A.C.E. EVENTS will combine music, entertainment, food, and an educational forum about the impact of human trafficking and gun violence in the Philadelphia area.

Visit our Blog for full details of this event.

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